Unusual War Photograph

Out in the world, pushed on the battlefield like on a stage,
Without weapons
Just my heart to protect me.
I am wrapped in your heat as I would be in electric blankets
And each day in the open gets longer and longer.
The nights are slowly shrinking and the spring, at last!,
In the middle of this devastating, thick winter,
Makes me a bird.
I’m growing buds from all my skin pores
I am a huge naked flower.
The soldiers stop to have another look at me and take pictures.
I am that kind of unusual war photograph
Which surprisingly managed to survive bombs and bayonets
Despite everything.
I stop in your arms and my long tears enter your chest.
The pain vapours fill the air with salt
Not even the cold wind blow touches us
My roots are milk and honey.


Mixed media: Maria Butunoi

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