London, December 2021 ©JStadnicki, 2021
At the supermarket's meat counter, 
they sell ropes. Yellow and blue. Things
we need when weather turns bad. 
One could never be sure when the boat
needs tying off to a cleat. 
At checkout, we talk of hurricane Ursula.
It was in the news, it is now by the docks.
My bottled green sea is resting on shelves. 

Across the isle, a woman looks out.
Trains deliver milk and morning newspapers;
at the end of his shift, a night watchman 
lights a cigarette watching umbrellas running
to shelter. He has nowhere else. His children 
sent him a blank telegram. Monochrome winds,
he thinks. Time to repair, to build. 
The house he was born in no longer exists. 

© Maria Stadnicka 2021
From Somnia (2020) published by the Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, edited by Alec Newman. Cover image - artwork © Mark Mawer
The book is available here and here.
Oxford Street, London, December 2021 ©JStadnicki 2021