About Maria Stadnicka

Maria Stadnicka is a writer, freelance journalist and lecturer.  She started writing poetry at the age of six and published her first poems in 1995.

Between 1996 and 2003 Maria lived in Iasi and Botosani, Romania and won 12 Romanian National Prizes for poetry, as well as Porni Luceafarul… – First Prize for poetry collection and Convorbiri Literare Publishing House, T. Arghezi – First  Prize for poetry and V. Alecsandri – First Prize for poetry.

She worked as a radio and TV broadcaster, presenter and editor in chief for Radio North-East, TV Europa Nova and Radio Hit and was a member of the literary group Club 8, Romania.

In 2003, Maria moved to England and she became member of the Stroud Writers Group, Gloucestershire. She read poetry in Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Botosani, Suceava, Tg. Jiu, Sighisoara (Romania) and London, Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud, Winchester, Stourpaine (United Kingdom).

Maria Stadnicka published poetry in:

Wienzeile (Vienna, Austria);

Cronica, Poesis, Hyperion, LiterNet, Convorbiri literare, LitArt (Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Suceava, Botosani, Tg. Mures – Romania);

Contrafort and Discobolul (Republic of Moldova);

Gracious LightThe Clouds, Dissident Voice (USA);

International Times, I am not a silent poet, Amaryllis, Stride, Tears in the Fence, Your One Phone Call (United Kingdom);

Meniscus Literary Journal (Australasian Association of Writing Programmes, Australia).


Books and pamphlets:

O-Zone Friendly poetry anthology (Iasi, Romania ISBN – 973-99824-7-6, 2002);

Pamphlet 15Change and Permanence (Stroud, England, 2012);

Pamphlet 15Trust and Betrayal (Stroud, England, 2014);

– A Short Story about War, poetry collection (Yew Tree Press, England, 2014 ISBN 978-0-9562038-4-7, available here);

Stroud Poets pamphlet I, poetry anthology (Yew Tree Press, England, 2016 ISBN – 978-0-9956603-0-4 available here );

Imperfect, poetry collection (Yew Tree Press and Two Wood Press, England, 2017 – 978-0-9562038-5-4 – available here and here);

Exitus, small poetry collection 2017, published by Smallminded Books, edited and printed by Rupert M. Loydell. Limited edition.


Migration Stories – Cultural Exchange project in partnership with University of Gloucestershire, University of Winchester and SGS Stroud College, November 2017;

Tears in the Fence Poetry Festival, September 2017, Stourpaine, Dorset;

Inside / Outside Poetry Conference, May 2017, University of Winchester;

Political Valentines – The Politics Kitchen featuring SPIRO, Hattie Briggs and Jennifer Maidman Music, The Subscription Rooms Stroud, 2017;

– Stroud Book Festival 2016;

Surgery – Jay Ramsay, Stroud 2015;

Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here, collaboration with Andrew Morrison, poet, University of Gloucestershire and Cheltenham Improvisors Orchestra at The Chapel, Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham, 2015;

Stroud Arts Festival, Open Studios, The Doll’s House, poetry and installations, collaboration with Rita Fenning, artist, 2014;

Poetography, Stroud 2014;

Cheltenham Poetry Festival 2012, 2013, 2014;

Blablablah Tabacco Factory Theatres Bristol, 2013;

Covent Garden Market, London, The Cards, poetry and drawings, collaboration with Lorraine Robbins, contemporary artist, 2013;

Waterstones Cheltenham, 2012.

Follow on Twitter: @MariaStadnicka

Copyright notice: © Maria Stadnicka, 2007-2017. All Rights Reserved.

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No part or parts of this content may be reproduced, copied, modified, published, or constructed from in any way without the express, direct written permission of Maria Stadnicka.


Photograph: © Georgiana Calinescu-Barber

‘Imperfect’ book launch, 2017, photograph ©Joss Beeley


5 thoughts on “About Maria Stadnicka

    1. Thank you for your comments, Deb. It is so nice to hear you grew up around here. Framptonian comes from Frampton on Severn in Gloucestershire. And it is my gift of appreciation to a community of people of incredible generosity of spirit which introduced me and supported my cultural integration within the British socio-space.


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