Job Interview

My lords, if I were the queen I would
Switch off the lights to
Look at the stars through the curtains
With no fear of darkness.

I would have snow in different colours,
All people would be entitled to chocolate dreams every day
Would be a singing trip to the seaside.

On my land, each person would get
Mondays off work just to listen to Grayson Perry on radio four
And read poetry.

I think I would like champagne in the afternoons
And have time to rest my head on your chest
Just to feel the heart beat.

I could stand up and tell the prime minister
To shut up for once
And make me tea.
My foreign accent would be standard English
And every war would be a cooking competition.

I would ban perfection and declare
All people with eyes beautiful nevertheless
I would be in love
And yes admit to my only weakness:
I don’t play the piano but
All of us will have to
Learn the works of Fauré by heart.

The only crimes would be
Flavourless ice cream and lonely men.
Postmodernity a thing of the past.



I do not talk
I am just saying words
Whilst keeping my eyes on the passage in front of us
So you can hear and stop.

Let me hold the pistol this time, I laugh,
You, confess how beautiful the town is in the dark,
Be still and silent and dance around me.

Although I am not born yet
I can listen to your breath underground
Where the soil, moving up and down with a big sigh,
Brings you up in the world.

I am closer and closer,
My neck, stretched, to have a proper look at you
Asleep on the grass.
‘We are two quiet songs’ I think,
One, vertical, blue,
The other, small white seed.

And just as my stare wakes you up I know I will
Remember this precise moment of my existence and
When, at last, I will hand over the keys,
My head will turn to catch the final glimpse of your flesh.

But just for now, this night opened two separate roads ahead.
The one for you, learning to walk,
Another for me, barely moving.


Drawing: Maria Butunoi