Citizen Kim Lee

There is a camera above my head looking at this
Collection of bones, noses, eyes, ears,
Bits of hair, silver bracelets and teeth.
False teeth.

All on the table in front of me.
The camera is showing the result of the war.
Two – nil, china.
Bone china.

A hidden camera briefly turned on
Slowly recording each tear
Reporting back to you, master.

The masses add to my selection of
Human remains, photographs, children.
Born and unborn.

I am struggling so hard to keep crying
But I need another drink
And the shops are closed.



Today my skin is cracked.
I am slowly growing out of my body
To embrace the day.
I am used to silence.

Before all this, I used to look at you,
Writing my face in ink
The hour solemn and dark.
Just us, unhappy to share the beautiful days and nights,
The imperfect dreams.
Waiting for love at the same door
With the same patience.

Now I am alone with hundred of friends and counting.
With a good facebook status.
You, in a different room,
Watch your toes moving up in the queue.
It’s your turn to kiss my relics and wish for a miracle.

Poetry Cards

I have created a set of poetry cards, hand printed, limited edition, with poems from the collection ‘Orphan But Free. Violent songs’, with beautiful drawings by the artist Lorraine Robbins. The cards are available from the 8th of December, in Greenwich, London, Stroud and Gloucester. Here are just two of them.