Do you see what I see?

We arrive, at last, at a dead end.

We packed and waited at bus stops

and all the talking led us cattle to slaughter.

© Maria Stadnicka, 29 September 2022

An Everyday Project(July – August 2022). Black and White / Film Photography ©John Stadnicki

John Stadnicki’s last photographs (1-24 August 2022). Black and white film.

  • 1st August 2022 © John Stadnicki
The Aftercrying 

Dreamed I found a child sleeping 
on the steps of my house; perhaps lost
back from night shifts at a nearby foundry. 

His fists, the size of fruits, face up 
shinning below street lamps. Everything 
grey as expected in night terrors. 

Blackbirds call his name, flutter
in circle. Above city parks, a time-grenade 
hissing before its safety pin snaps. 

Lights off. …………………………………….
I reach up holding a door key.
Open a final version of myself.

25th August 2022, Maria Stadnicka