The Garden Reveals Itself / Night Mix

It has been an inspiring collaboration with the composer Andrew Heath. There are more surprises coming but for now a short clip as I was reading ‘The Garden Reveals Itself’, included in Andrew’s latest album The Alchemist’s Muse.

Andrew Heath / Photography © Alexander Caminada

The Alchemist’s Muse continues Andrew Heath’s exploration of minimalism, textures and sonic artefacts like radio static and mechanical noises. Andrew’s work is process-led – he places exquisite clusters of piano notes and guitar drones among warm layers of electronics and treated field recordings, manipulating the results with both analogue tape machines and digital software.

I leave you to decide who or what are the alchemist and their muse.”
There is also this text… that I will use to create a post at the same time… and is about the actual track.
The Garden Reveals Itself (night mix)
The Garden Reveals Itself (night mix), is a completely different version of the same title from Andrew’s album, ‘Evenfall’. Of course, again the title refers to the poem by Maria Stadnika however, here on ‘The Alchemist’s Muse’, the work is warmer, darker and far more intimate as Maria whispers her words directly into your ears.
“I have long admired the work of Romanian born poet, Maria Stadnika and we collaborated together on ‘The Garden Reveals Itself’ from my earlier album, ‘Evenfall’. When I recorded Maria, I also asked her to create a whispered version of her poem. I love the sound and thought of a very intimate voice so close to you. As I was working on the music for this track, it occurred to me that it had a very close, warm sound. As though you were wrapped in blankets in the deep, still dark of night. It was an obvious next step to merge the two and create a ‘night mix’ for her stunning piece.”

The Alchemist’s Muse is available as a CD as well as download here.

The SHIFT Project: Art Transforms / 12th-18th October 2019


It started with one drawing, followed by an art installation, then an art exhibition.

Created by the young artist Robin Watkins-Davis, The SHIFT Project: Art Transforms is now setting the scene for outreach projects, participatory workshops based on contemporary art, well-being, music, dance and poetry.

The project is focused on creating community collaborations, bringing together art and movement, to support well-being and to improve mental health.

The SHIFT Project takes place 12-18th October 2019 | St Laurence Church, Stroud, GL5 1AP. The full programme is available here. Click here to find out more about it, to support the students, artists and to get involved.

I am delighted to support The SHIFT Project: Art Transforms. My performance inspired by the SHIFT art installation will take place on Sunday, 13thOctober at 5.30pm, at St Laurence Church. It includes texts from latest collection SOMNIA, published by The Knives Forks Spoons Press.

The SHIFT Project: Art Transforms brings together 17 local organisations and charities and 37 artists. You can make a difference and support the project here. Thank you and look forward to seeing you @SHIFT.

The SHIFT Project is also supported by: SGS College, Create Gloucestershire, Strike a Light, VRC Publishing and Curating, CORE Lighting, Barnwood Trust, Diocese of Gloucester, Stroud Sacred Music Festival, Arts Award, School of Larks, ACP, Stroud Visual Arts (SVA), Bliss by Robin, Stroud Yoga Space, Look Again, Fair Shares, Gloucester Gateway Trust & All Pulling Together.

Maria Stadnicka, 2019