Random Act of Kindness

You weep tonight like the hunter weeps
Alone in the forest with his own rifle and
Listen to my whispered, faraway story.
You refuse to sleep.

While we share the same meal,
The shooting goes on in the city,
A revolution happens without us.
But too much heavy rain makes the music impossible,
Therefore we keep by the fire.
The flames project your shadow on the opposite wall.
From where I sit you look like a black continent
With borders engraved on the silent bricks.

We will be at sea in the morning
Embarked on the wooden boat.
None of us cruised before
You suggest we could learn to sail by dawn
Before we depart.

So I draw the armchair closer.
The heat is burning my feathery back
But in the absence of pain
I agree with everything you say.

In a random act of kindness
I do not stop but continue to write my final dispositions
With furious fits of laughter.
The ink dries out on the stone which I place in your hand.
The token we need for the big passage.

Drawing: Manuell Manastireanu

We Keep Quiet

It’s hard to tell, really, who invented the wine
And if Christ was the first to get drunk
And make a fool of himself.

For a while, we keep quiet.

I suddenly remember the terrible truth I came here to tell
And start by recalling my name.
I unravel the story: the other day I rescued a kitten; I found it covered in blood
Between the wolf’s sharp teeth
And took it home in my pocket
Nursed it back to life.
A couple of days after, the beast grew into a huge dragon,
Ate all my memories, my pictures, my long thoughts
And asked for my life.
I’m in a puddle of tears now, begging forgiveness.

It is a story, you said pouring another glass,
Which needs strong swearing words to go with it.

And for another while we sit still.

It’s getting dark, so dark, and this metaphysical shit
Makes my body a torch.
The room is getting lighter and lighter.
Both of us transfixed look at the naked truth as it stands,
Trying to put the pieces back together.
Our breathing stops.
Like two surgeons leaning over a nearly dead human
Trying to capture a better image of the tumour.

While everybody else goes to sleep
We look at each other still.
My eyes shine like in the old days
My mouth stained with red.


Mixed media: Maria Butunoi